What is ICD-10?

We Are Ready!

SoftRex Consulting is ICD-10 Ready, we have been working with our associates at McKesson to achieve ICD-10 testing and readiness, our staff has also taken many Seminars and Webinars to make sure we can answer any questions pertaining to ICD-10, issues.

McKesson MEDISOFT (the practice management we proudly represent and work with) has been ICD-10 ready since the launch of version 19, two years ago. McKesson continues to make update and innovation to make sure transition to this important and mandatory change is effortless!

Are you?

If your answer is no, we can help. SoftRex Consulting has created a set of Instructions to help customers transition to ICD-10, we are also providing live webinars that will instruct our customers on steps to follow to a smooth transition.