Most Secure Data Storage

Most Secure Data Storage

Data security is essential. TeraStation 3020 NAS offers electronic and physical security options. Additional data security features include:

  • Closed system helps prevent 3rd-party cyber attacks
  • AES 256-bit drive encryption including drive recognition technology, ensuring drives cannot be accessed any other system other than your TeraStation.
  • Encrypted data replication
  • Secure setup allows for local network access only, internet not required
  • Boot authentication prevents booting of a stolen device
  • Front panel lock preventing drive theft
  • Kensington security slot allows the TeraStation to be physically tethered to a fixed location



Improve Data Transfer With 2.5GbEData replication, private cloudIntegrated Cloud Backup
Improve Data Transfer With 2.5GbE2.5GbE high speed ethernet vs 1.0GbE standard speed2.5 Gbps speed without the need to upgrade to CAT6 cablingStore and access your data quicklyData Replication = Private CloudMany businesses/industries such as hospitals and legal firms have legal requirements preventing them from backing up data to public cloud services. Additionally, businesses may want to create a private cloud for greater security or simply because the solution provides finite cost instead of recurring monthly public cloud backup fees.Integrated Cloud BackupThe TeraStation 3020 makes it simple with integrated support for leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, S3, Dropbox and Dropbox Business. This functionality provides a way to backup your mission-critical data to an offsite backup tool. Offsite backup, such as a cloud server, adds an extra layer of protection against data loss due to environmental disasters or equipment trouble or theft at your primary location.