We offer both Medisoft local as well as Medisoft cloud.



No charge and no pain, easy on your wallet and your mind. No need to call us in order to upgrade or update the software or the server, it’s done overnight ON OUR EXPENSE! Always the latest version of: Medisoft Network Professional, Office Hours Professional, Medisoft Reports Professional, Revenue Management, Office-Hours, and MANY other add-on programs we will provide you with free of charge.

Secure Backups

Backups get done every night internally to the server’s hard drive, to a mirrored NAS (Network Accessed Drive) and to two secure, fully protected server’s (one in Canada and one in New Jersey) to make sure your data is as safe as can be. Plus, you can always ask us for a backup; you have full access to them, anytime!

Safe & Secure

HIPAA Compliant, AES-256 encrypted, always upgraded and updated with Windows security patches as well as 3rd party added software for Two Factor Authentication, brute force attacks and much more.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited remote & telephone support. Our handpicked certified IT/Medisoft technicians are available via phone, e-mail or chat to assist you with any problems or questions you may have Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM ET.