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With more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch and affordable complete computer repair and CPU repair services to the residents of Florida. Our veteran technicians use their expertise and professional tools to serve corporate and residential clients across Miami.

If you are looking for computer repair near me or a laptop fix near me, then SoftRex Consulting can be the best choice. While we amaze our customers with our incredible services, we offer them greater value through our free pick-up and delivery services.
+ Laptop, MacBook Pro & PC Repair
    It can be extremely annoying when your computer doesn't work as it should. Softrex Consulting is a Laptop & Computer Repairs that specialise in high quality, speedy laptop and PC repairs and servicing. We endeavor to return your laptop or PC to you same day and we have been successfully serving the Miami, Downtown Miami and Brickell area since 2009. Our staff offer quality and reliable repairs and servicing, using knowledge which has been gained in-house over a number of years supporting the local area of Miami.
    + Diagnostics & Repair
      Our professional staff uses state of the art tools to diagnose both software and hardware issues your computer or network may be experiencing, and recommend solutions, Once we find the issue, we are able to provide either in our repair shop or on-site repairs to get your device working properly. Our team is equipped to repair both hardware and software problems in your home or place of business, or you can bring your device to us to experience our quick turnarounds and our proprietary repair process on in-shop repairs!
      + Virus & Spyware Removal
        Many times, computer issues may be due to a virus or spyware on the device, Softrex Consulting use our vast experience and professional removal tools to remove these from your computer, we make sure that all of your security settings are optimized and install any necessary security updates, plus our staff will recommend ways that you can keep your computer clean to prevent future infections.
        + Hard Drive Upgrade
          If you've bumped up against the limits of your small, old hard drive over and over, it may be time to upgrade. In some instances, all the desktop user may need to do is install a second or third hard drive for a little more space, But that's not always an option, especially for laptop users.
          + Memory Upgrade
            Upgrading the memory of your desktop PC, laptop, netbook or Mac device can be a rewarding and money saving experience, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what memory fits with your product. Softrex Consulting makes finding the right memory easy and caters to all tech levels. So whether you’re asking yourself, “What is computer memory?” or “What is SDRAM?” or you’re simply looking for flash memory for your digital camera, Computer Repair Miami can help you find the memory for your next upgrade.
            + Internet Problems
              Troubleshooting Internet connection problems can be a challenge because there are so many possible causes. Softrex Consulting can install your router and network card, set up and configure your wireless broadband connection or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be having. We can also optimize your Internet settings in order to speed up your connection and boost your downloads.
              + Hardware Faults
                Selecting the right hardware directly affects the health and success of the overall business, so administrators should take the time to review their options and select systems that fit their business needs. We install hard drives, memory modules, power supplies, processors, motherboards, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives and routers. Softrex Consulting can supply replacement or upgrade components, or install parts which you have provided.
                + PC Not Booting
                  There are many reasons why a computer won't turn on and often very few clues about what might be the problem, and the only symptom is usually the simple fact that nothing works which isn't much to go on, your computer will not boot, there are error messages blue screens or it will only boot in 'Safe Mode'. These are common problems and our computer technicians are experienced in identifying the source of the problem and restoring your computer system to perfect health.
                  + Reinstall Windows OS
                    You must have a genuine Certificate Of Authenticity for the Operating System. Perform a clean install of the Operating System; install all hardware drivers, Activation of Windows with Microsoft website. We will install free anti virus and anti spyware software to protect system before leaving our workshops. Any additional service packs and windows updates will be carried out and advice can be given if needed.
                  + Password Reset & Recovery
                    If you've lost, forgotten or don't have the administrator password required to access your company computer, call us.

                    Given that Computer Repair Miami have been providing computer repairs in Miami for a longer period of time, we have, as you would expect, a team of highly professional, experienced and enthusiastic technicians, ready and available to solve our customers’ computer, PC, laptop, Mac or network problems anytime and anywhere in the greater Miami metropolitan area.

                    Our expert technicians are here to help you, from removing viruses to setting up wireless networks and printers. In fact, we guarantee that we can find a solution to your problem or you don’t pay; it’s simple. We are committed to provide our customers with the best computer repair experience and we guarantee “No fix no fee” and thats our promise.